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Just had to share this!! [20 Dec 2001|02:27pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

I found this on the JJB this morning...kill me now! LOL And, I wonder who he's thinking about when he's licking his lips like that...

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Just felt like posting something in here.... [19 Dec 2001|11:54pm]

[ mood | infatuated ]

So I thought I'd post a cute Diva picture.

This appears to be mid-Diva Hips!

:::dirty pop, baby you can't stop:::

Holy geez he's adorable. I love the face he's making.

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Woo hoo!!! [14 Dec 2001|10:55am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Morning ladies[what's left of it] I've finally figured out how to post in this freaking community!

Welcome! I hope that we will be active here. I'm definitely looking forward to sharing the Josh love.

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